Grass & Maize

Grass is an important crop.

When you look across a green field, please don’t be tempted to dismiss it as just p

lain old grass. Grass is one of the most important crops a farmer can grow. When you look at grass you are actually looking at the milk and beef – our livelihood.

From spring to autumn the herd graze the grass directly but a we also make sure we grow more grass than the herd can eat. Grass has to be grown and harvested in the summer for consumption after the herd are moved to their winter housing. It is then the cattle are fed hay or silage as their main feed. That is why grass in very important to us.

Grass is cut and wilted which means it’s allowed to dry slightly and go quite limp. We cut and bale the grass then wrap it in black plastic cling film. This allows the grass to start to ferment and produce acids that “pickle and preserve” the stuff keeping it edible. This fermentation is very similar to the process that is used to make yoghurt. So to put matters simply: silage is yoghurtized grass! To prevent the silage spoiling – we need to keep is away from air.

So – the next time you get tempted to run through the long grass like some wannabee Hollywood star dancing off into the sunset – think of the food you are destroying…. so please stick to the paths. Many thanks!