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Hello and welcome to the website of Wayside Farm. Wayside Farm is farmed by Charlie Wray.Hello and welcome to the website of Wayside Farm. Wayside Farm is farmed by Charlie Wray.

Wayside Farm is Hertfordshire’s one of only two remaining Jersey Herd Dairy Farm. The farm is situated on the outskirts of Kings Langley. There is a great deal of history to Wayside Farm and this website will hopefully tell you a bit more about the place and will tell you more about our aims running this farm – we hope you enjoy the website!

Wayside Farm is a Hertfordshire County Council holding, which was purchased by the council in 1919. The history of this farm and a number of others in the area is that they were set up for returning officers form the the First World War. The sizes of the the farms varied from 2 acre horticultural holdings to reasonably sized small farms.

Here in Kings Langley in the early 1920’s there would have been about 12 small farms, plus about eight 2-arce plots, each with its own house – all of which were (and some still are) owned by Hertfordshire County Council.

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Visitors to Wayside Farm were enthralled by the sight of vintage tractors all colours, shapes and sizes, as part of an event organised to raise money for the Hospice of St Francis. This year we also had a brace of beautiful Shire Horses out there ploughing.

Taking advantage of the sunny weather, crowds gathered together on Sunday 26th February to appreciate the sight of the old-fashioned farm machinery in action and to enjoy a selection of piping hot food, hot drinks and home made cakes.

The event was organised by Dacorum Machinery and Steam Group to raise money for the Berkhamsted based hospice, which cares for terminally ill residents across the county. Over the years the group has helped raise more than £30,000 for the hospice with their steam vehicle and tractor shows.

Sunday’s event raised over £1.300. click here to see some of the pictures. Such was the great turn-out for the day – this year the total raised was nearly £1,000 more than in 2011.

Wayside Farm has started to receive visits from schools in the area – one of the first trips happened 2 weeks ago and the kids were given a complete tour of a working farm by Charlie Wray showing everything from the importance of grass and crops to the process of milking the cows and of course they were all shown the new-born calves!
Click here to view some of the pictures

Problems with Chinese Lanterns – Chinese Lanterns released into the air from events, weddings and such like are killing livestock. These paper lanterns with candles inside can float for several miles before eventually crashing to the ground. They can cause serious injury or death if eaten by cattle . . . read more:

Food programNew Farm Building Built October 2010 at Wayside Farm to comply with new EU/UK farming regulations

To enable dairy farming to continue at wayside farm a new building has had to be erected over our open feeding areas, this is to bring us into line with current EU legislation on muck and slurry handling storage on farms in NVZ areas (nitrate vunerable zones). 

Most of these holdings have changed tenants many times, and many have become amalgamated to make them economical enterprises. I was fortunate enough to gain the tenancy of Wayside Farm and took over running it back in 1980 – moving in with 17 cows which had earlier been used to living on just 2 acres. The farm then was only 62 acres (24.80 hectares), due to the construction of the M25 we gained an extra 40 acres (16.00 hectares) because the building of the M25 meant that a number of farm building on my neighbours’ farms were demolished, leaving the farms unworkable, leaving the land split between the other County Council tenants.

The farm remained 102 acres until the early 90’s when work commenced on the A41 bypass which sliced off 6 acres of the west end of the farm, but we gained 31 acres from other holding whose land like mine was dissected leaving me with what I have to to this day 127 acres.

Additionally, I rent 14 acres opposite from the farm and 15 acres at the top of the farm. Which in total give me access to 156 acres, which is currently the home to our 75 Jersey cows and 70 young animals. All of which were born on the farm with the exception of one young stock bull – which we brought in to serve the heifers and bring in different blood.*
Saturday and Sunday July 26th and 27th – getting in the grass: click here

Following on from our Open Farm Sunday in 2008 we hope to continue encouraging children to use our farm as an educational facility. It may seen as if not much is happening! We cannot just open up the farm gates to all comers (pity) but have to abide by current legislation. Open Farm Sunday is only possible due to the many sponsors, mainly covering the insurance aspect. Following on from this, to enable students to come to Wayside, Charlie has to finish his C.E.V.A.S. course. C.E.V.A.S. Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme. In brief this course covers, preparing for visits, Food Farming and the National Curriculum and talking to students and teachers. On the practical side the site is having some alterations so the facilities will be there when required.

So watch this space…..

Walks with Dogs and Care of the Environment click here

To find out more about this very under-rated breed of cattle, go to the Jersey Cattle Society of the United Kingdom website by clicking here where you find all you need to know. We have now added a walks map to show where you can enjoy your walks in the countryside around these parts – click here to see the walks at Wayside Farm

We held an Open Day on June 1st 2008 as part of the National Farm Sunday program – we were part of 400 farms right across the country who opened their gates and showed people around their farms – and our day was a massive success with over 1500 people coming on the day from Kings Langley and the surrounding areas.

Please click here to view some of the pictures from the day. (please be patient as the images might take a couple of minutes to download – you need Adobe Flash Player installed to view the galleries)